Joy Sigaud has a longstanding history in publishing which began in 1979, after a short stint with Times Newspapers and then as Special Projects Manager for Africa’s leading business magazine. She went on to publish her own journal which was successfully sold in 1987 to a Nigerian organisation.
After living in Africa with her husband for four years and many years as a housewife,  she was approached by Black History Month BHM 365 in 2017  to provide a consultancy service in order to raise the standard and bring a more lifestyle, modern look,  which she achieved by procuring and commissioning original features and notable writers on specific topics. She has also written and researched much of the anchor material which still continues to attract interest.
Being of Jamaican heritage the same was done for the Windrush Commemorative Magazine produced in 2019.
Today, Editions Media with its  team of dedicated assistants, her assistant editor and volunteers  continues the tradition of producing high quality print publications under one banner,  including the ABC certified EDITIONS LIFESTYLE BLACK HISTORY MONTH MAGAZINE (the only Black owned and produced publication with this accreditation) and the new  Windrush Review 2020 Newsletter. 
These unique publications along with Editions’ Newsletter are designed to inspire and challenge perceptions about the community in realistic sustainable fashion,  in line with the spirit of their foreparents  who came to the UK.
Joy Sigaud who began playing piano at the age of 5 also composes music which is played by the Philharmonia Orchestra. She writes songs for children and is choir master for the Jamaican High Commission Children’s Choir.
A keen philanthropist she is a patron and on the committees of a number of charitable organisations and continues to hold private fundraising events for notable causes.


 Joy Sigaud  also has a portfolio of many articles, reviews and short stories sourced and  written by herself including:
Simon Frederick Multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker creator of Black is the New Black
Six  Black Brothers From Rutherford NJ. an acclaimed, heartfelt report on 6 brothers who all served in WW2 and returned home safely to their family, living in a home where their ancestors had lived for 4 generations. As a result of this moving story being brought to light, a tribute was paid to honour the brothers with a parade in May this year alongside a great family reunion.  Written in celebration of African American History Month in February 2019 she co-operated with historian Rod Leith on the project.
Review of “Becoming” by Michelle Obama – the best selling book of 2018, inspirational and frank depicting some wonderful photos from her youth.
Andrea Levy’s Small Island review of the National Theatre’s highly successful stage adaptation and Windrush Fashion Feature.
Interview with former Prime Minister Theresa May a 21st Century Stateswoman. At the heart of the Windrush Scandal Joy Sigaud went along to Downing Street and put some poignant questions to the then PM. A first and only by a member of the British Black Community at a time when the Hostile Policy seemed to have taken a firm foothold affecting the lives of the Afro-Caribbean diaspora at unprecedented levels. The struggle goes on.
Tribute to Motown at 60. This pioneering organisation unlocked the talents and future potential of thousands of black performers. Their legacy cannot be overstated. Aside from music they also recorded one of  Martin Luther King’s great rallies which was a sellout. Alongside great music their sense of fashion and slick style remains embedded in the hearts of all from that era and their pioneering spirit raised the hopes and aspirations of millions of black people worldwide. A great legacy indeed!
The Global Dispersion of the African People An easy read interactive report showing the movement of enslaved Africans throughout the centuries worldwide – A UNESCO co-operation this is an ongoing project.
Shaun Bailey Interview – the first Black candidate to stand for Mayor of London. A candid questionnaire with some interesting answers
Sport – Arrows Netball Team  A West London phenomenon in the late 1970’s, founded by a group of friends, they never lost a single match! What a wonderful legacy to the Windrush descendants!
Miranda Kaufman’s   Black Tudors was expanded on for the readers and award winning photographer Jim Grover personally thanked her for giving him such a wonderful platform to bring further publicity to his wonderful photographs depicting the lives of Caribbeans in the UK which continues to be exhibited and is now of national significance.


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