The Ode of the Black© – Series

“The donation will fund the integration of 3 specialists programme part of our  curriculum ending this school year… ” 

What began as a hobby, having studied piano from an early age, the self taught composer’s works depict themes of current and historical interest in musical form. Sigaud’s style is neo-classical reminiscent of the romantic period and through her music she has opened doors for people of all ages,  from all walks of life, through the charities she supports with teams of volunteers. Under the mentorship of the likes of John Gibbons, conductor and vice Chairman of the British Music Society,  Erroyln Wallen Composer, her music has become confident and assured whilst maintaining its unique style.    Under the banner of “Inspirations” her concerts are extremely popular so do pop back to the website from time to time for details of forthcoming Events. Click on the link below to have a listen to some of her works.
“London Rhapsody is a composition by Joy Sigaud, played live at The beautiful Orangery Kensington Palace by the Philharmonia Orchestra. The drums are not incidental. They intertwine, interrupt amongst the cellos, solo flute and oboes with states of grace. Determined, forceful and ultimately triumphant!”
Alpha Institute, a school for orphaned and displaced boys in Kingston Jamaica were just one of the institutions to receive donations from the proceeds of this concert. Charles Arumaiselvam head of public relations at Alpha Institute said:

“The donation will fund the integration of 3 specialists programme part of our  curriculum ending this school year… ” 

“This programme is geared towards mentoring 20 students during the transition from school to work and in this way contribute to students long-term success by guiding young musicians…” 


This is the story and inspiration for London Rhapsody:

Who has a story to tell?


The mist has turned to dense fog

But who is fearful?

Can you fear what you do not know?

Yes you can

The things you do know can fill the heart with dread

Is this where we have come?


As the heart keeps beating we will go on

Everyone has a different walk


We all arrive to the same destination

Everyone has a different story to tell

So tell it!

Photo: The Philharmonia playing London Rhapsody conducted by John Gibbons at The Orangery Kensington Palace. The poem above is written by Joy Sigaud.


Listen hereLondon Rhapsody

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