London Rhapsody is a composition by Joy Sigaud, played by the Philharmonia Orchestra. The drums are not incidental. They intertwine, interrupt amongst the cellos, solo flute and oboes with states of grace. Determined, forceful and ultimately triumphant!

“London Rhapsody”

Who has a story to tell?


The mist has turned to dense fog

But who is fearful?

Can you fear what you do not know?

Yes you can

The things you do know can fill the heart with dread

Is this where we have come?


As the heart keeps beating we will go on

Everyone has a different walk


We all arrive to the same destination

Everyone has a different story to tell

So tell it!

Photo: The Philharmonia playing London Rhapsody conducted by John Gibbons at The Orangery Kensington Palace.


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© Joy Sigaud all rights reserved

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