The Jolly Postman – A Composition for Frontline Workers

Joy Sigaud composed this short piece of music with the lives of ordinary people in mind who perform vital tasks that enhance and enrich our lives. I named it The Jolly Postman after observing my postman whom I’d seen every morning for over 10 years diligently delivering the letters in my street.
All Frontline workers including postmen, dustmen and road sweepers of all races and nationalities whom we often overlook,  make our world a much better place.  This piece of music has since been incorporated into a suite, honouring the NHS  Windrush and Commonwealth  nurses and  was debuted live by the Philharmonia Chamber Orchestra at the Unveiling of the nursing mother with her baby statue held at the Whittington Hospital in London in 2021.   Listen here to The Jolly Postman:
More of J. Sigaud’s music played by the Philharmonia Orchestra can be heard on itunes,  spotify and at various events.
By Joy Nembhard-Sigaud Words and Music©