Editions Windrush 2023 Newsletter – Celebrating 75 Years

Written by Joy Sigaud

This issue of Editions Windrush 2023 Newsletter celebrates the Diamond Jubilee year of the arrival of the first significant wave of pioneers from the Caribbean who arrived at Tilbury Docks on 22nd June 1948.  It is packed as usual with information from the Unveiling of HRH King Charles III’s specially commissioned Portrait Exhibition WINDRUSH: A PIONEERING GENERATION,  a special focus on the Barrel Children to 200 plus year old laws and Acts that helped shape who we are today.  This Edition demonstrates that although we still have work to do, it highlights the inherited resilience and achievements of the people now known as The Windrush Generation have prevailed. 


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Editions Windrush Newsletters  are written by Joy Sigaud and produced by the Editions media© team.


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