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EDITIONS LIFESTYLE Black History Month, The Magazine is unique and it’s out! 

Always leading the way with original ideas and content, created to inspire, inform and uplift.  Once again our latest Edition magazines were “sold out” within days of hitting the news stands in Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons. Those that were distributed with the Evening Standard were equally popular. Our distributors inform us that “never have they seen a magazine totally snapped up within such a short period of time – a few days.”

The magazine is always out by the 1st October to coincide with Black HIstory Month and once again we do invite those who wish to have bulk orders of any of our publications to contact us a month before the due publication date. 

It is the  only Black-owned publication directly addressing and enveloping a range of themes and issues that affect the lives and well-being of the Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Mixed Heritage and African Diasporas that has an audited circulation, guaranteeing our distribution and circulation figures with a strong presence in selected supermarkets and a broad appeal.

 The rich inspirational tone and content are relevant to all sectors of the community and indeed to others with articles that everyone loves to read. 

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Read the 2019 issue of the magazine here Editions Lifestyle Magazine BHM2019/20

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Printed copies distributed nationwide you can read the digital version of the Windrush 2020 Newsletter here: Windrush Review

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Editions Lifestyle Black History Month Magazine is ABC Certified.
ABC is the audited mark of assurance that this publication meets industry standards in respect of circulation, distribution and readership claims.

To order bulk copies of any of the publications contact: Editions Media

note: due to Covid-19 restrictions there may be some changes to the distribution methods without notice
The magazines and newsletters are distributed free of charge in the supermarkets and the term “sold out”  in this context is used as an indication that they have all gone.