Gina Miller – Voted Most Outstanding Woman of Colour for Black History Month 2019

By Joy Sigaud
Editions Lifestyle Black History Month conducted a survey and  a cross section of readers and participants were asked to vote for their favourite Woman of Colour whom they think should be recognised as the most outstanding for Black History Month 2019.
The results were very close with Michelle Obama as first runner up, closely behind Gina Miller.
Gina Miller, business woman and activist won.  Her determination to enforce a sense of fairness and justice in matters that underpin the very foundation of our democracy, which is no easy feat, has brought her to the pinnacle again in 2019. Of Caribbean descent, a shared history with Afro-Caribbeans Editions Lifestyle Black History Month Magazine is proud to declare her winner of Editions Lifestyle’s Most Popular Woman of Colour for Black History Month 2019.
We were also reminded of some wonderful names from the past embedded in Black History such as Winnie Mandela, Angela Davies as well as a plethora of colourful current superstars such as Coco Gauff, Shelley Ann Fraser Pryce, Tanisha Scott and the formidable activist Pastor Lorraine Jones founder of Dwaynamics, yet another mother who tragically lost her son to knife crime and is doing remarkable work in the face of tragedy.


Angela Davies activist and freedom fighter in the ’60s and ’70s was a worldwide inspiration for many. Main Photo: Gina Miller Photo courtesy Gina Millar_laura.
Michelle Obama first runner up, best selling inspirational author and first First Black Lady of The Whitehouse. Photo courtesy Penguin Random House
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