7 Year Old Abigail Curates Her Own Exhibition for Black History Month

By Joy Sigaud

Abigail Webster, now there’s a name to watch. Only 7 years old she has the confidence and discernment of a wise adult. She listens attentively and extracts from what she sees all information that is of significance to her goal and does not hesitate to ask a question if there is something she isn’t quite clear about.

I first met Abigail when she joined the Jamaican Ambassadors Youth Choir earlier in the year, a strong singer she eventually ended up leading the altos for the annual performance and at the end of the season presented me with a quick drawing that she had done during her break.  She was an artist as well!

Her pencil and drawing pad always in her bag it came as no surprise that over a cup of hot chocolate in the cafe at the 3 Colt Gallery she saw the potential of a collaboration and did not hesitate to ask Gallery owner Georgina Pringle whether that would be possible. Abigail was launched. She was given a space in the bathroom of the Gallery to exhibit her works. The exhibition is still running October 17th – 26th to coincide with half term.

After visiting Kelvin Okafor’s Retrospective exhibition at the Mall Galleries, Abigail contacted him by social media and invited him to attend the opening of her exhibition.  Kelvin responded and attended giving words of inspiration and encouragement as well as  setting  the tone by purchasing a painting. The opening was also attended by her headmistress and other teachers and friends.

Abigail is a shining example of the hidden talents of many of our children and Black History Month has created the opportunity for them to blossom and inspire through productions at school assemblies and clubs.  Further still, Abigail has been invited to exhibit once again in 2020. All I can say is thank goodness I already have one of her originals as her choral master and, I expect to see more shining beacons emerge.


Abigail’s Exhibition can be seen during half-term  at 3 Colt Gallery, 82 Three Colt Street London E14 8AP