Windrush Day 2020: Free Artwork Packs & Logos For Windrush Celebrations Available Here


As we prepare for Windrush Day Celebrations  on 22nd June 2020, once again there is a plethora of events, tools and funds with something for everyone to celebrate as they see fit whether it be virtual of physical.  Windrush Day means many things to many people and this year the Ministry of Housing and Communities have released free media aids for all who wish to participate and celebrate in any way ranging from banners and posters to letterheads and logos. 

DOWNLOAD free artworks from here to smarten up your event. CLICK  on any of the gold links below for either a Windrush Brochure or complete Windrush Artwork pack including logos, banners, letterheads and posters for your use:


WR Community Pack Doc Artwork

Complete Pack

all logos and artworks available for download above


Provided by The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government: