Covid 19 Lockdown Activity – 100 Great Black Britons Home School Children’s Competition

Sponsored by Europe’s largest education union  The NEU,  Britain’s National Education Union have teamed up with Patrick Vernon, creator and founder of 100 Great Black Britons  and launched a competition for school aged children.

Once the preserve of a few, home schooling is now the norm during the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown and the competition gives teachers, parents and all who wish to be involved the opportunity to explore, whilst developing the children’s learning skills and giving valuable insight into the Black community and its history in the UK.

With plenty of aids and online resources available for research and discussion you can access the competition entry form here:

For useful online  resources go to:

Prizes for the winners at each Key Stage level. See website for details.

Closing date for the competition is now 31st December and not  31st September 2020 as previously announced.  The winners will be announced in February 2021.



First published May 13th 2020, updated on July 12th 2020