WINDRUSH BBC DRAMA – The Effects of the Windrush Scandal Goes On

Windrush 2020
By Joy Sigaud


Inspired by one of the shocking stories from the Windrush Scandal.

After 50 years in the UK, Anthony Bryan, played by Patrick Robinson is wrongfully detained by the Home Office and threatened with deportation.

BBC One Monday 8th June 8.30pm

The turmoil and heartache of the Windrush Scandal goes on. This new BBC drama explores the personal impact of one of the greatest political scandals of modern history which has affected the lives of so many people who thought they had a home in the UK. 

The fallout of the Windrush Scandal rages on.  With as yet many incarcerated and the prospect of the dreaded deportation flights to a land that many barely know continues to loom,   BBC One’s  new drama Sitting In Limbo brings the effects of the scandal to the forefront as Windrush Day 2020 approaches.

This real life story is an account of Anthony Bryan’s traumatic experiences, written by his brother Stephen Thompson.

Executive producer Andy Harries from Left Bank Pictures says  “I hope that people from all walks of life watch this drama and understand more fully how political decisions can have a profoundly personal effect.”



Photos courtesy  Left Bank Pictures