Boris Johnson’s Windrush Day 2020 message to the Windrush generation and their descendants.

Boris Johnson Prime Minister

Windrush Day is a chance to say thank you to the Windrush generation, their children and grandchildren for everything you have done to make Britain the country it is today.

When the Empire Windrush first docked at The Port of Tilbury in June 1948, the men, women and children who disembarked that day, the many thousands who followed and their descendants, have helped to build this great nation.

You served in the armed forces – as many valiant Caribbean heroes had done in the two world wars of the 20th century.

You helped to run vital transport services – the arteries that nourished a domestic resurgence across Britain.

You worked in manufacturing, and construction, literally helping to rebuild parts of Britain that had been bombed and turned to rubble during World War Two.

And you gave your all in one of our most precious institutions, caring for the sick, bringing new life into the world, and helping to build this country’s greatest asset, our NHS.

And today, that legacy of service, devotion, care and personal courage is an integral part of our national fight back against coronavirus. And I want to say a deep and heartfelt thanks to all those in our NHS and other key sectors for everything you are doing – particularly those of the Windrush generation. We will not win this battle without you.

Our country is stronger, greater, and culturally richer because of the incredible Windrush contribution made over decades. I want to ensure that it is remembered for generations to come – which is why we have committed in our manifesto to a Windrush memorial in the heart of London.

Your energy, your vibrancy, and your dedication are an inspiration – and one we can all draw on as we look to restart our country again. Thank you to the pioneers, nurses, doctors, public servants, musicians, artists, business owners – who are all part of the legacy of this most extraordinary generation. This Windrush Day, we celebrate you.

Thank you.


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