Black History Timeline Poster available online – defining moments in Black History and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Guardian has launched a Black History Timeline Poster. The first in the series was published on 11th July and every day this week from Monday 13th to Friday 17th others will follow. 

The series documents key historical moments and the Black Lives Matter movement of the past decade.

View the interactive wall chart here:

The series celebrates some of the greatest stories, many never told, with a comprehensive timeline beginning with the Romans onwards. The poster shows how Africa and European history as well as others are interlinked and have been for millennia. 

It is  an excellent resource and well recommended for all ages  as well as those who wish to know and understand more about the relevance of  Black History in Britain.

The wall charts series was first devised by Gaverne Bennett and the Guardian’s deputy opinion editor Joseph Harker in 2008. They have now been updated to highlight the importances of the Black Lives Matter movement capturing recent seismic events worldwide. 

The Black History Timeline poster is also available in print format