Miss World, Jamaica’s Toni-Ann Singh to reign an extra year

By Joy Sigaud
The people of Jamaica are delighted to learn that the Jamaican beauty Toni-Ann Singh,  the reigning Miss World,  will continue her reign for another year as this year’s pageant is deferred to late 2021,  a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic.  Few places remain untouched by this plague whilst in the UK the Afro-Caribbean and African diasporas, including many prominent Jamaicans, have been majorly affected. Jamaica has managed to keep numbers in check with stringent and sweeping policies in place registering 856 cases to date.
The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic has taken it’s toll in devastating ways with everyone having to alter their lifestyles, a lifetime – indeed generations of habits and routines in order to attempt to contain it.  Jamaica is no different and although the infection figures are less dramatic than some other places the government and people of Jamaica have put in place equal, if not better in some instances,  Covid 19 security measures to ensure people feel and stay safe.
According to the Jamaican Observer, the host country for the 2021 pageant has not yet been announced but Miss World CEO Julia Morley has told franchise holders that the both host country and venue will be confirmed very soon.