Power Brokers & Young Black People Make their Mark in 2020

Welcome Message for Black History Month 2020

By Joy Sigaud

It’s here again, just like “Christmas,”  claimed by many, owned by all – and rightly so. From Hertfordshire to Herefordshire, from Hackney to Kirklees, beyond and in-between,  celebrations and commemorations are taking place.

The media, blue chip companies, boroughs and diversity champions are all endeavouring to do their part. This is exactly what we need to see. 2020 has been an extraordinarily challenging  year so far. All our lives have changed beyond measure and sadly we have lost some through unexpected and untimely events that have left virtually none untouched.

The lockdowns and restrictions on movement as a result of Covid-19  have seen the Black community come together like never before,  to fill gaps in the systems that be and show support for those in need, ranging from victims of abuse, mental health sufferers, shopping for the isolated and caring for the infirm plus much more. The public sector frontline workers  have demonstrated their dedication in no uncertain terms. Innovations in business is no exception as you can see from this year’s Black History Month issue of Editions Lifestyle Magazine as more and more young people adapt themselves to the times. Our Elite 2020 section highlights some of these.  On the literary front and the arts the surge is remarkable and long may it continue.

As we remember those who have made their mark in years gone by, so too we recognise those who are actually making a positive difference right now, see the Black Power Brokers of 2020 article. We are playing our role in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and at the same time looking back to our roots for inspiration and resource.

The Black community are truly immersed in Britain with more and more young entrepreneurs rising up and making use of their skills in a positive way.

We cannot ignore however that there is still a major problem of victimisation from quarters that would hold us back or even attempt to annihilate us  but as always we put our best foot forward and keep going.

Black History Month is for everyone and as people learn to enjoy and appreciate the contributions that Afro-Caribbean and Africans have made to this country we welcome the Prime Minister’s statement that “Black history is all our history” And guess what! It’s Made in Britain. Now let’s hope that within the next year a comprehensive programme for Black History to be taught in schools at all levels is achieved. And why not.


Joy Sigaud is the founder and editor of Editions Media which includes Editions Lifestyle Black History Month magazine 
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