Black Women in Tech – 2020

By Serena Lee.

Campaigners gaining momentum

Technology has reshaped all forms of communication creating millions of jobs.  The tech industry is largely a man’s world, and a white man’s world at that. According to research, women make up only about 16% of the computer industry in 2019, with Black women only comprising 3% of the total. Things are changing slowly, but the latest initiative by Black CodHer is helping to change the status quo. 

Charlene Hunter is the founder of Coding Black Females a UK based group that promotes diversity and inclusion for black women in tech. The group’s aim is to offer a platform specifically for black women working or interested in tech to discuss issues or questions they have relating to work and life, in a safe and comfortable environment. Hunter has joined forces with Oyinkansola Adebayo and Olaoluwa Dada, the women behind Niyo Enterprise, a Birmingham based organisation, promoting empowerment for young black women. 

In August, the group secured £250,000, from the West Midland Combined Authority, to fund a six-month course specifically for black women, unemployed or women earning under £21,000 per year. There were 30 places, yet, over 300 women applied, they managed to squeeze in 52 women on the course. Demand for tech skills are high, initiatives specific to black women are scarce making Black CodHer the first funded initiative in the UK.

“I want to see black women in roles from entry-level right through to executive level with correct representation.” – Charlene Hunter. 

 This programme is for women who have an interest in getting into a tech career to become web/mobile application developers. 

courtesy CodHer

They were recently featured on BBC News and Apple News

For more information about the course click  

 Coding Black Females are partnering with BCS (British Computer Society) to create a bursary for 50 memberships.