BBTA Launches Global Black Theatre Directory for Black Creatives

By Joy Sigaud
The Black British Theatre Awards are launching The Black Theatre Directory. The much needed  global online database will feature profiles of Black theatre talent right across the industry including performers and creatives.
Designed to expand awareness and visibility of Black expertise, it will provide the international theatre industry with a pool of talent to enhance diversity and connection in theatre.
The Black British Theatre Awards was launched last year with a groundbreaking ceremony that highlighted the wealth of Black British talent, too often sidelined from mainstream recognition and opportunity.
The 2020 Black Lives Matter movement has sparked a plethora of discussions in all sectors, including representation in theatre and the wider arts. Who is represented, and how different groups are included is guided by leadership, creative vision and decision making, as well as, visibility and engagement through a diverse onstage presence.
Co-Director Omar F Okai says: “For too long the theatre sector has stated that there is a “lack of Black creatives” available for casting, direction, costume, lighting, sound and other behind the scenes creative roles”.
Co-Director Solange Urdang says: “It’s time we take away the excuses and ensure there is a place to go and find diverse talented individuals and companies. I believe this positive and proactive solution will be embraced”.
Black theatre talent are invited to sign up and create their profiles. The service is currently free. The Black Theatre Directory will go live in November 2020.


This article is an excerpt from Editions Lifestyle Magazine Black History Month 2020 issue published on 1st October 2020