Kamala Harris A New Dawn Joe Biden A New Hope in Both!

By Joy Sigaud


A new day has dawned in America, a beacon,  bringing a new unexpected hope to millions across the globe. Millions of Black people have witnessed their people gunned down, persecuted in broad daylight, suffered systemic racism and racial injustices that for so long have been swept under the carpet as swiftly as was possible.

Biden acknowledged that it was the Black vote that swept him into power as President Elect and his choice of a Black female vice president of mixed heritage of colour, Jamaican and South Asian,  is a true depiction of many of the Black diasporas outside of Africa today. The calm cool and collected Kamala Harris is just what the doctor ordered with a sweeping agenda for reform, as Vice President elect  women worldwide are uplifted by her tenacity and looking forward to a new era of leadership from the world’s leading state.

The road ahead is not an easy one but the manifesto looks good and with the support of over 74 million Americans of all races behind them the people have chosen the team to represent them and take them forward setting a trend that many will seek to emulate.

Black Lives Matter started in America and the whole world rallied behind bringing to the fore systemic problems that existed not only in America but the world over. It was the USA who first brought to light the gross disparities and disproportionate number of Black and ethnic minorities who had become victims of Covid-19 causing other countries to examine themselves finding they were no lacking.

Not since the 1960s have the rights of Black people been so highlighted globally en masse and as governments worldwide send their congratulations and good wishes, we all look forward to an era of change as we walk towards a system of fairness, justice and peace.

photo image courtesy abc philadelphia