Paulette Wilson Award Acceptance Speeches

By Joy Sigaud


The first annual Windrush Caribbean Film Festival came to a close this weekend. Coinciding with Remembrance Sunday, screenings and discussion panels took place throughout the day culminating in the Awards Ceremony which this year had to be virtual in accordance with Covid-19 national lockdown rules.

The new Paulette Wilson award, so aptly named on account of her fight for the injustices suffered not only by herself, but many of her fellow Windrush compatriots. Just months ago she was campaigning at Downing Street, and further still her plight was brought to light on national television and  a long overdue visit she made to Jamaica to visit her family was filmed. Her daughter Natalie Barnes has picked up the baton in spite of losing her mother just months ago.

The inaugural award was made to two stalwarts of the Windrush campaign: Amelia Gentleman, award winning writer for the Guardian who has championed the Windrush cause for several years and continues to do so in the fight for justice for the victims. Nadine White, well deserved a journalist for Huffington Post UK was the other recipient. Nadine is also an award winning journalist bringing to light serious under-reported issues including the SPAC Nation scandal.

Watch what they have to say here:

The Windrush Caribbean Film Festival was launched on October 17th 2020 and ran through to November 8th 2020.