Black Unity for All African Diasporas, The road to our success WEBINAR


Join the debate with  Black History experts and panel guests:

Charmaine Simpson, Lavinya Stennett, Robin Walker, Dele Ogun and Apeika Umalu

On Thursday 26th November Elo Akin and Natasha Antoine will host a Black Unity, Shared History event encompassing Africa, the UK, the Caribbean, South and North America.

The programme includes:

What have we learned about our Black History?

What is our shared history?

Our role in teaching, learning and promoting Black History Education

Presentations will be followed by a Q & A


Register here for tickets: The Road to our Success



Charmaine Simpson: Historian, Educator CEO of Black History Studies
Dele Ogun: Historian, Author Founder of Fatherland Group
Lavinya Stennett: Historian, Activist, CEO of The Black Curriculum
Robin Walker: Historian, Author, Educator
Apeike Umolu: Historian, Educator, Founder of Africa History Project