In The Cold Dark Night – Murder of a Black Man in Georgia – Documentary

“The legacy of slavery still affects the position of Black people in American society today…”

The film IN THE COLD DARK NIGHT examines the 1983 and 2018 investigations into the racially-motivated murder of a young Black man, Timothy Coggins.  Set in Griffin, Georgia, in the heart of the American South, IN THE COLD DARK NIGHT highlights how during one era this crime went without punishment and then over 30 years later attempts are made to bring about justice.

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests following the graphic murder of George Floyd, it represents so many Black men who have needlessly lost their lives.  The producers explain how on entering Griffin they felt as though they had entered a place that time had forgotten with racial divisions as prominent as ever.


Remembering Timothy Coggins courtesy Lone Wolf Studios

Featuring a 360-degree view of all the people involved with the case, IN THE COLD DARK NIGHT conveys themes of deep sadness, oppression, hope and resilience, whilst imploring audiences to become the juries themselves, questioning the presumptions of guilt, innocence, and authority.

Producers Max Peltz and Stephen Robert Morse comment:

 “The legacy of slavery affects the position of Black people in American society today a great deal, and  the USA hasn’t gone far enough in giving African-Americans equal opportunities with whites. Being on the ground in Griffin, GA opened our eyes to the severe inequalities and problems that African-Americans face today – the realities are worse than all of this. The hardship that African-Americans face; the segregation, the high incarceration rates, the valid fear of law enforcement, and so much more.”

  The film pushes boundaries from the usual familiar narratives,  using real locations for all the scenes.

Very immersive, In The Cold Dark Night brings audiences into the harsh realities that African-Americans face on a daily basis.

From the producers of Amanda Knox , What Happened Miss Simone? and the Ted Bundy Tapes IN THE COLD DARK NIGHT is now available to watch on demand in the UK on Sky Documentaries, Now TV and in the US, ABC/Hulu on demand.

Watch the trailer here: In the Cold Dark Night


main photo: a scene from In the Cold Dark Night courtesy Lone Wolf Studios.