Black Women in Tech – 3 Young Pioneers in the News Industry Lead the Way for Equality & Diversity

A collaborative movement for people of colour Black In Data was founded to promote equality of opportunity and representation within the data industry. Aiming to provide an empowering nationwide network supporting its members to reach their potential in the workplace,  the trio are colleagues within the Guardian News and Media Group. 

 Co-founders, Devina Nembhard and Sadiqah Musa  want to see diversity at the top of the workplace agenda.  Sadiqah Musa has 10 years experience in data and analytics. She began her career as an Interpretation Geophysicist then moved on to Customer and Behavioural Analytics.  She is now Senior Analyst at the Guardian News and Media.

Devina, Nembhard, director of talent nurturing, comes with a wealth of experience in blue-chip companies. Having obtained a degree in Mathematics, she specialises in data that drives customer acquisition, loyalty and retention – supporting marketing teams through advanced analytics, testing and strategy development.

The dynamic duo, highly regarded specialists themselves within their respective fields, aim in the sector is:   

“…for people of colour to feel confident, visible and heard.”

Black in Data  aspires to elevate people of colour through mentoring, training, job placements and development, whilst providing a supportive network to overcome external hurdles.

The network is open to all data professionals of colour and those who are transitioning from other careers into data. They are also open to commercial partners that share their own vision and wish to accelerate the pace of change in the data industry. 

Kim-Yen Nguyen’s, the third member of the team recently began her career in data. She graduated from University of Kent with a Bsc Mathematics & Statistics in 2018 and having thoroughly enjoyed analysing data using R at university, coupled with a year long placement experience at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) using SAS, she is now on her first job as a Data Analyst at the Guardian.

Together the 3 have begun organising their own online events and speak at other hosted events.  Based on their shared experiences they are well-placed to mentor encourage and promote greater inclusion and diversity.


For more information visit the website here