Black Design Company in John Lewis

Karen Hamilton-Bannis founder of AK-Wilde has designed a range of soft furnishings in honour of the Windrush Generation pioneers capturing some of the essence of their heritage. These will be available this month for a limited period.

AK-Wilde’s range of bespoke printed accessories is thoughtfully hand designed by the artist and print designer Karen Hamilton-Bannis.  Karen was a full time textiles art teacher and pastoral leader for many years.  Two years ago she began developing her own print designs into a sustainable business.

Karen’s designs are inspired by her love of nature; with influences from her Caribbean background mixed with African patterns and symbolic references.

She uses a vibrant mix of colours and patterns making each product a unique and meaningful bespoke item.

Launched this year,  the Wynderush Legacy Print collection produces limited edition handmade home décor items and accessories in bold graphic prints. Tropically infused, with a hint of nostalgia they are designed to honour the Windrush Generation of women from the Caribbean – women like her mother, aunt and their friends. These women brought more than  a touch of the Caribbean customs  with them when they came to Great Britain in the 1950s and ’60s.

The print collection captures that energy with colourful tropical florals and abstract motifs.

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