Editions Lifestyle Magazine For Black History Month 2019

Having edited two of the foremost magazines for Black History in the UK, editor Joy Sigaud recognised  there was no publication representing the general black population that was neither politically motivated nor constantly justifying and proving the mere existence of the African, Afro-Caribbean and mixed Afro population in the UK.
Historically there were one or two, however, the style, content and demands for today’s reader is quite different as general news is more accessible and social media itself can propel any given topic great or small to mainstream news to the exclusion of all else.  Whilst all the topics and campaigners are paramount and appreciated, the majority of the population basically live their day to day lives working, studying and socialising with friends contributing to the economy and GDP in no insignificant way.
Most people according to those with whom we spoke, and as we believe,  as with the general population of the UK, simply would like to achieve  better lives for themselves as has been so pointedly demonstrated by the Windrush Generation and they unobtrusively get on with their lives unnoticed.
Whilst acknowledging there are those who have been affected  by the Home Office’s Hostile Policy under Theresa May, whom Editor Joy Sigaud interviewed at the heart of the Windrush Scandal in 2018 whilst she was Prime Minister, the overall  majority have not been affected although there are other equally important issues that remain to be addressed.
The vast majority are not necessarily concentrated in ghetto-esque communities. We all love to see proportional representation through merit in the media, in education, industry and all sectors but it is a myth to believe that a handful of well-known faces represent the very diverse communities at large.
“So many people came  to me whilst I was editor at other publications to say they felt underrepresented and ignored”  says Joy Sigaud and these feelings seemed to pervade throughout the community outside of certain areas.
Editions Lifestyle Black History Month Magazine  is non politically aligned and its aim is to normalise the Afro-related communities within the UK by highlighting, empowering and most of all inspiring. With a selection of notable contributors, experts in their field, it is supported by a healthy mix of diverse British  organisations and industries not to mention members of the general community.
Editions Lifestyle Magazine, in line with the general trend, brings to focus Black owned businesses and entrepreneurs. The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Amina Mohammed writes exclusively for Editions on reaching sustainable goals. Patrick Vernon, founder of 100 Great Black Britons launches his new campaign seeking new nominations. Our history has been so eloquently elucidated since the production of the first one in 2004. There really is something for everyone!
  Editor Joy Sigaud believes this will be the beginning of a real integration in Britain. Moreover, she says “Most people whoever they are just want to feel normal.”
EDITIONS LIFESTYLE BLACK HISTORY MONTH Magazine is the only Black owned and produced magazine in the UK registered with ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation). ABC is the leading recognised auditor for circulation, print run and distribution, thus authenticating and verifying circulation claims based on fact. Therefore ensuring publications’ meet industry standards through transparency and accuracy.
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