Windrush 2020: The Story of the Windrush

Windrush 2020

An excellent resource and teaching aid,  authored by Kandace Chimbiri.  Although written primarily for children, this well researched book has been lovingly prepared with illustrations and well chosen anecdotes from some of the Windrush passengers including the late Sam King, Allan Wilmot and Lord Kitchener. It is an easy read but lends itself to deeper discussion and research making it appealing for all age groups.

Two men reading the “Rooms to Let” notice board, courtesy London Transport Museum (1955)

It is also a highly recommended starting point for those who know nothing about the history of Windrush and for children, whom it was primarily written for. It also gives the opportunity to question and do further interesting research on many topics which the author manages to  skilfully include.

The Story of Windrush is available on Amazon at Waterstones.

The Story of Windrush is published by Golden Destiny Ltd
Main photo is the front cover of the book,  reproduced by kind permission of  Golden Destiny Ltd.


First published 15th May 2020.
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