A Windrush Song: Windrush Children – Lockdown Fun – Sung by descendants of the Windrush Pioneers… Sing-along with words

 Sung by the Jamaican High Commission’s Children’s choir for Prime Minister Andrew Holness – average age 7. These children are the descendants today of Windrush Pioneers who came to England between 1948 and 1972.
This is the 1940s
The Journey has begun

This is the 1940s

The ship was so much fun.

This is the 1950s

They were the pioneers

From an island across the sea

They left all they knew

For a new land to find their feet.

This is the 1960s

Safe and so secure

Streets are paved with gold and plunder

Jobs are so assured

This is the 1970s

Strikes and loss abound

Please let me be

To feed the family

Oh what joy to be found.

This is the 1980s

We are yet still here

90’s, noughties, not the 40s

We are still around.

We are the new generation

Ready and willing to learn

We are the young generation

You called them, they came here as they were.

They’d heard about a place ah ah

They’d heard about a place ah ah

 Heard about a place ah ah

And now we are here!

Joy Sigaud© all rights reserved. Apply to the editor for scores for the music and lyrics.

The 1940s song is an extract from Joy Sigaud’s Ballad Opera “Belle” adapted for children by the composer.


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