Black History Month Magazine 2020 Editor’s Statement for Editions Lifestyle ®

1st October 2020
Welcome to Black History Month 2020 Editions Lifestyle Magazine. Black History Month UK celebrates the lives and contributions of the Afro-Caribbean and African diasporas in Britain irrespective of their origins. Since the first official Black History Month in 1987, which was created to fill the void in knowledge about the history of Black presence in the UK,  it has grown to envelop a multitude of things ranging from current affairs, diversity and inclusion to historical facts. Not without setbacks and with good cause it has become one of the most nationally celebrated months of the year with films, tv programmes, events, theatre and the arts in general.
This year, thanks to longstanding campaigners and the Black Lives Matter movement,  has seen a surge in blue chip companies actively engaging in diversity/inclusion schemes creating new roles to ensure and work towards better representation of all people.  Editions Lifestyle this issue has focussed on some of the sustainable development projects that  young Black entrepreneurs have developed in the Elite 2020 section. Looking towards the land of their parents and grandparents, providing employment whilst sustaining growth both at home and abroad, these young people are leading the way in our  Made In Britain campaign that we believe will become more and more relevant as we enter a new era of improved race relations,  bilateral trade and development. Black contributions to British life, economy, culture and society in general must be acknowledged.
Joy Sigaud Founder-Editor

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