Africa Outside – Hush!

Africa Outside


Did Rachel weep for her children?
Who wept for me?
Hush, the day has dawned
Hush, are these the lost of Africa?
Hush! Lost! Never!
We are easily identifiable
No matter how diluted
So hush,
Let your heart not weep


How many prophets have we had
How many slain?
Hush, let your heart not weep
The prophets are always taken down
Because they speak words of truth to enlighten
Hush, do not weep.
Rejoice because you have heard


“I Have A Dream…”
Who has not heard it and made it their own
From North to South
From East to West
Everyone has heard these words
So hush,
Do not weep
A thousand years is like a day.
Hush do not weep,
The dawn has come.


Let None Be Forgotten and History Be Taught in Truth
©Joy Sigaud 2020 all rights reserved
originally published on February 1st