Child Prodigy Joshua Beckford entered Oxford University at 6 – At 15 He is a Power Broker

By Joy Sigaud

Every now and then we have to remind ourselves of some of the power brokers within the community and Black History Month provides the perfect platform. Following on from our series in the October 2020 magazine we highlight young Joshua.

Joshua Beckford, child prodigy was born in Britain of Nigerian descent and is  the youngest person ever to be admitted to Oxford University at just 6 years old.  He studied philosophy and history for one year and gained distinctions for both. By the time he was 2 years old he could read and understand phonetics and was learning both Mandarin and Japanese. Described as a multi-genius his astounding talents span many areas and his desire is to become a neurosurgeon.  Using surgical simulators, Joshua has already performed operations with competence including the removal of a cataract.
Joshua has also won many awards including a Positive Role Model of the Year. Impressively he has a heart for low income families in Africa and is working on  a project to build a school for children in Kaduna Nigeria, a region that has suffered greatly in recent years as a result of Boko Haram and other conflicts.
Joshua is a true Power Broker. He is autistic with an extraordinary gift and heart to match.  Here is a film of Joshua,  aged 14,   speaking about his aspirations and the support his father, Knox Daniel gave him from a tender age: Joshua Beckford in Nigeria
First published in October 2020