Sam King Windrush Awards Announced For Children – Entry Details

By Arthur Torrington

The Windrush Foundation have announced a new award for children.

The Sam King Windrush Award shall be given to a girl and a boy up to the age of 14 who can produce an outstanding essay about the Caribbean men and women who travelled on the MV Empire Windrush and arrived at Tilbury Docks on 22 June 1948.
Sponsored by Windrush Foundation, the participant would be expected to submit an essay with no more than 400 hand-written words on A4 paper.
Our objective is to promote literacy, expression, creativity and to celebrate imagination. Terms and Conditions · The entry must be an imaginary short story. · It must be an original piece of work written independently by a child.



 Stories cannot be written by more than one person

One entry per child allowed 

The child must not include their personal details within their story

Entries must not include unsuitable material

It must be no more than 400 words 

Make sure to use your own words 

Do not submit an entry without proofreading it 

Presentation is important, consider the visual appearance of the entry as well as the quality of the content.  The essay must be submitted by the child’s parent using the email address below. · The work must include a good standard of spelling, grammar, punctuation, neat presentation, and clear handwriting.  Topics could include: The Ship (Empire Windrush), The Departure, The Journey, and The Arrival.

Scan the handwritten essay and email it to Arthur Torrington at:
The competition closes on 31 July 2021.
Winners will be announced in August 2021.



Main image  Sam King © Windrush Foundation