Meet The Rap Artists Competing for BBC’s £20,000 Prize – The Rap Game UK


The Rap Game UK is a  BBC Three success story  with many viral moments across the last couple of series. The next series will begin later this month.  Award wins for previous series include The Edinburgh TV Awards – Best Entertainment Series, Broadcast Digital Awards – Best Entertainment Programme, and RTS Midlands Awards – Factual Entertainment/Popular Factual Series. It has also been nominated for BAFTA, RTS and Grierson Awards.

Filmed in Manchester, the BBC Three series mentors Krept, Konan and DJ Target have invited six new MCs to take on the challenge to win a £20k cash prize to further their music career. Read what they have to say in the run-up to series three and have a taste of what’s to come in the film clip below:



Kay Rico from Manchester



Why did you choose The Rap Game UK?I chose The Rap Game because I feel like I fit the criteria. I’ve watched the first season and the second season and I feel like I’m able to do that. This is the correct platform for me to showcase that.

Where are you from?

I’m from Manchester. Born and raised there all my life. I’m just grateful for the surroundings – the area I’m in. Obviously there’s good and bad in anywhere you’re at but it’s what you make out of that situation and what you make out of that environment. You gotta rep from where you’re from on the positive side. And make sure people don’t always just look down on the negatives.What does music mean to you?I live and breathe music. I don’t think there’s a day that I don’t listen to music. I listen to all types of music. I don’t just stick to one genre. And that’s what helps me to be a versatile artist as well.What’s your career been like so far?If I were to rank myself in the Manchester scene I’d definitely say I’m at the top. I’ve done loads of tours. I’ve done The Godfather II Tour with Wiley…. I’ve been around. I grew up with Aitch and we’ve been doing music ever since. We did a Know Better remix which hit a million views on my platform. Aitch has definitely hit mainstream. I’m trying to get to the same point or surpass that. This is my time and I’m ready.

Who’s your favourite rapper?

It’s a hard one. I’ve gotta say more than one. Out of the UK- Ghetts is definitely top tier. I’d say he’s first. And then Chip. Wretch 32 too. They have wordplay and flow. Everything about them. Their stage presence – they know what they’re doing. That’s the kind of artist I wanna be. I’m always focused on that. I’m a perfectionist – I wanna make sure everything I’m doing is correct. They’ve always been an inspiration to the situations I’ve been in. I’m grateful to them.

What do you want to get out of this competition?

I just want people to hear me. I’ve been doing this for a long period of time so I want people to know what I bring to the table. I also want people to realise that there are a lot more artists in Manchester that are very talented and just haven’t had the right way to get the right exposure. And for the whole project, the show – I wanna entertain everyone that’s locked in.

Is there anything you’re worried about?

I’m not worried about a thing. I’m just going in there focusing on what I’m gonna do. The other contestants I’ve got love for. I wish them the best of luck. But when I’m going in there and It’s work time – I’m getting what I need to do. I’m keeping it moving, I’m keeping it stepping. I ain’t got no qualms with anybody at the end of the day.



Pocaa 23, from Hackney London

Why The Rap Game UK?

It’s an opportunity. It’s more than an opportunity actually. It is game time. Playtime over for real. Yeah, it’s, it’s go time.

Where are you from?

I’m from East London. Hackney, grown up in Dalston.

What’s your style of music?

I’m very versatile. But I’m very passionate, in everything I do, so hopefully you see my passion. Not hopefully – you will see my passion for everything. People are like wow when they see me do drill. But why can’t females do drill? If a guy can do it, I can do it.

What does music mean to you?

There’s no words it’s just emotions, as in, I couldn’t explain it. It’s a getaway, it’s a passion. It’s a dream, it is reality.

Who are you favourite rappers?

My favourite rappers are Skrapz, old school Teflon, Hus.. The old school. My influences are people like Missy Elliot, Lil Kim – taking it back! Way back. That type of sound. You hear the song once, you may not know the words but something in the song sticks in you. Those are my influences.

Why should the other artists be worried about you?

The music does the talking. I light up every room that I walk in. Not everyone can say the same thing. I’m a spark when I walk!


19 years old, Saidu from Bermondsey London


Why did you want to take part in this competition?

The Rap Game UK brings a lot of opportunities. The fact alone that I get to perform in front of Krept and Konan and DJ Target. These are people that have been in the game for years now. I could learn off their experiences. I could learn off their mentoring and everything that they teach me. I can use that and better my craft. And also the fact the competition is aired in front of a wider audience – I get to gain more attraction from people and people will be intrigued by my work.

What’s your style of music?

My style of music is predominantly grime-ish at the moment But I’m very willing to tap into other genres because I listen to all sorts of music, whether it be R&B, pop, contemporary R&B… It just goes on.

What does music mean to you?

Music means the whole world to me now I’ve always been involved in music. Whether it be from dancing or rapping. I’m always doing something that relates to music.

How did you get into rap?

I got into rap just because I saw people doing it on TV. I just thought it was so cool so I thought let me just try it out.

What are your goals and dreams?

My goals and dreams are to have platinum albums. Platinum songs. To perform in front of the whole world. Be on the biggest stages there are.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

I see myself having a huge name in the UK. I’m branching out into other parts of the world, recording with people that I was once inspired by.

Who’s your favourite rapper?

From the UK I’d say Chip, Krept and Konan, Skepta, JME, Kano, Ghetts, D Double E. The list just goes on, I’ve got too many.

What you want to get out of competition?

I just want to get my name across to people. I just want people to know who I am. I want to demonstrate that I’ve got a talent and I should be listened to.

What are your strengths?

I’m very heavy on wordplay and punchlines. Couple cheeky bars. Also, the fact that I can infuse my dancing ability to my music, as well, that’s a strength.

Why should the other rappers worry about you?

For the main fact that I can rap and dance at the same time. I can put on a serious performance. So, I feel like the other contestants won’t have what I have in terms of performance.



OAKZY B 24, from Glasgow

What’s your style of music?

My music can vary from hip hop, grime, to rave…. I can be singing one day… I don’t like to confine myself. I’m a very free soul. It’s whatever comes to my mind. But mostly it’s hip hop or grime. As long as there’s a mic or MC so I can spit.

What does music mean to you?

Music means everything. Music took me off the streets, took me off crime, and put money in my pocket. I mean, real money, legit money. Without music, chances are I’d probably in jail or I’d be on the roads in some gang – something daft.

How did you get into rap?

Well, my mum was a big rap fan. She said that I’d been listening to hip hop from the womb. She was a big Tupac, Biggie, Snoop Dogg fan. So from early I’ve been writing rhymes. My dad says I was five when I started.

What are your goals?

My goal is to be the biggest ever musician to ever come out of Scotland and achieve globally. Rapper, musician – it doesn’t even matter. Bigger than Capaldi. Bigger than The Proclaimers. Bigger than all of them. I wanna become a household name in Scotland and the UK. I wanna achieve globally, like Stormzy, like Krept, like Konan.

What do you want to get out of the competition?

I want to get a better understanding of how the music scene works. I want to gain a bigger following outside of Scotland and showcase myself to the rest of Britain. Definitely. Because I’ve got a good following in Scotland but I think if I can show what I’m about in England as well, where the main market is, then I’ll smash it.

Why should you win?

I’ve got a lot of people counting on me to win. I’ve got a drive to win and I’ve got a hunger to win. I can’t really tell you why I should win – I can only show you why I should win.


BRYNBP 21, Croydon

Why did you want to take part in The Rap Game UK?

I chose The Rap Game because I just think it’s such a great platform to get my message across to everyone else. It’s just – for me to tell everyone it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, you can still do what you wanna do. It just gives them a kind of green light as well cause they can be like ‘ah I relate to her – I feel like I can do the same’. It’s a great way of showcasing your talent and expressing your emotions. I just want people to see that. That’s why I chose The Rap Game.

Where are you from?

I’m from South London. At the moment I’m living in Mitcham. I was brought up around Croydon, Streatham… proper southside. Big up South London.

What’s it like being a female rapper?

As a white, female rapper I’ve had so many horrible comments asking why I am doing this. They say you shouldn’t be doing this. But I just put all that emotion into the mic. I wanna show the people that have treated me like shit in the past… all the bullies, everyone.

How did you get into rap?

When I was younger my brother introduced me to like Tupac, Snoop and Biggie – all these sick East and West Coast rappers. I was only like five. I was just like yeah this is hard. The way they get their emotion out through the rap… And then when I started rapping, it felt the same and I could relate to them. I was like this feels crazy… I’ve never had a fight in my life, I’m not really argumentative and stuff like that – so that’s what got my anger out. I was like yeah this feels good. It feels right. When

something feels right and makes you happy – that’s the two things that mean the most. That’s what matters the most. So that’s why I got into rap.

What are your goals and dreams?

My goals and dreams…. I wanna sell out a massive live tour one day. Shows, arenas… I can see myself performing in front of thousands of people. That’s what I would love to do. Sell out my own tour. Travel the world man. Around different countries. Just to get my message across and my music out there. That’s what my goals and dreams are.

Who’s your favourite rapper?

My favourite rapper?! I don’t really have one! It’s so hard to answer that. I love a bit of everything. But to be honest I think Tupac is one of them. In the Hit ‘Em Up freestyle he done towards Biggie – the anger at the end of it… like he just got it out. I felt it. When I feel emotion from just a song… just listening to it and watching them perform it. It kind of puts in that moment with them. It feels like they’re singing it towards me but it’s the anger like… yeah probably Tupac is one of my favourites. But I mean I’ve got so many favourites. So many… from the UK, America, even French rappers.

Who and what are your influencers?

My biggest influencer is my mum. I just think she’s the strongest human being I know – to this day. And I’ve always seen that. No matter how hard something hits her or how hard she falls, she always just picks herself up, brushes herself off and keeps going. She’s so bubbly and lovely. She don’t care about things getting in her way – she just brushes them to the side, no matter how big of a problem they are. She just always got through it, no complaints, and carried on. She’s one of my biggest influences. I love her so much and I miss her like crazy right now.

Why should you win The Rap Game UK?

I’ve been doing this for a very long time now… It’s been taking forever and I’ve been patient. I’m still patient. But even if I didn’t win this… if I did win this or I didn’t. I’d still be patient no matter what. But I feel like my hard work would have paid off. I’ve been trying so hard and I wanna make everyone proud, including myself. I’ve promised myself way too much to not win anything. I’ve promised myself way too much. I’ve promised that I’m never gonna lose. That’s cemented in my head now. I don’t wanna let myself down. I don’t wanna let my mum down.



KAYDIZZY 19, from Stoke

Why did you want to apply to The Rap Game UK 2021?

It is one of the biggest – and I mean biggest – platforms for young, underground artists like myself to showcase what I’m made of and what I can do. This is the place I can showcase what I’ve got. In Stoke there aren’t many opportunities like this. There’s zero. It’s hard. Growing up, I’ve seen stupid stuff that at first made me had a negative outlook on things. But when I got older I realised I needed to express myself in a different way. And music lets me express myself in a way that I can’t in words.What are your strengths?My strengths are rapping, going in the studio and doing it in the booth.

Who are your influencers?

My influencers have got to be Dappy, Chip. My favourite rapper would have to be Chip. Krept and Konan, Yungen, Bugzy Malone, J Hus, Wretch 32, Ghecko, Aitch…. All these people. They’re my influences 100%.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

In five years’ time I see myself even more developed than I am now. I see myself out of the ends. I see myself doing good. I see myself doing what I’ve always wanted to do for a living. All this is making me believe in myself a bit more. Believing in myself in the past hasn’t been a strength -I’ve always struggled with that.Why should the other rappers be worried about you?

No one’s gonna know what’s coming. Nobody’s got what I’ve got. Nobody’s bringing what I’m bringing to the table. People might be doing drill, people might be doing wavey drill but they’re not coming with what I’m coming with. I’m touching that beat like a wizard. Do you know what I mean? When I hear that beat and I’m in that booth and the earphones come on… I feel so powerful. Do your thing. That’s how I feel. But one of my main struggles is being confident in myself. My dream is being the best UK artist. I’m underrated. I should be heard of.

Why should you win this competition?

I deserve this. I have put in the work. And the work isn’t gonna stop now. You can’t just sit back and chill. You can’t just do a little second and then think that’s it now I should get get love off that, I should blow. You’ve gotta put in the work. To get out you’ve gotta put in. I see it like that. I feel like I’ve put enough in and I’m gonna keep putting in. Even if I did win, I’d keep going. I’m gonna have more opportunities. I want to make my mum proud. I want to show my dad that even though he’s never been there for me – I’ve still got somewhere without him. I’ve done my own thing. No one is coming with what I’m coming with. I can say that from my chest.

Any favourite moments from previous series of The Rap Game UK?

My favourite moment from The Rap Game series would have to be when Graft was performing to Kenny Allstar. That moment man when they were both looking at each other. Kenny Allstar was practically dancing and Graft was just going at it. He was my favourite artist. Humble, real… He deserved to win. I could see that he had that hunger.


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